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    • 2020.01.10


    I am XX, graduated from XX major of XXX University. In school, learning Excellent performance, won the third prize of National College English competition. I'm cheerful and stable Be honest and trustworthy, have a strong sense of teamwork and collective honor; live We should be strict with ourselves and diligent in practice. My Chinese input speed is 80 words per minute Above; and has obtained the National English level 6 certificate of college students. During the internship In the work, be able to use the knowledge learned for listening, speaking, reading and writing. Able to use it skillfully Various functions of Microsoft Office (such as word, excelpowerpoint, etc.) Able to carry out efficient office daily work.In terms of politics, he has been holding the position of League secretary in the class and responsible for calling During the opening of the class, the activities of the League Day and the work of giving opinions on the League organization to the comrades who have joined the party are very important Strong communication ability and organization and coordination ability; I have been in school for many times Excellent League member, excellent class cadre and three good students. In the four years of studying in other places, I have developed a strong character It makes me overcome some difficulties in my study and life and forge ahead actively. If I had
    If the opportunity is employed, I will certainly be able to exercise in my work and realize myself Value, strive to be an elite and a qualified employee. At the same time, I realized,The relationship between people and work is based on self-awareness. I think I have Ability and confidence to do the job well.I am going to embark on another life journey. I will try my best to improve myself,I would like to dedicate my light and heat to the cause I love, if I have the chance to win the companyAs an office clerk, I will redouble my efforts to complete the work!This is a sincere resume of the clerks. I hope the leaders can learn from this job application brief The calendar shows my enthusiasm for the work of clerks! I also believe that I can be competent This job.


    Since I was a child, I have cultivated the spirit of hard work, good faith, and initiative. Through two years of practical work, I think that office writing
    The basic quality of the staff is steadfast and willing to work, flexible and flexible, meticulous and thorough, active and progressive. We should have the spirit of not afraid of hardship and not afraid of tiredness and be fair in handling affairs Tao is devoted to his duties and strives to master various skills in his work.To treat the superiors, we should maintain the prestige and image of the leading members, respect the leaders, and actively cooperate with the leaders; to maintain the unity within the leadership, please The work of instruction or report shall be carried out in strict accordance with the division of responsibilities of the leading members, without asking for instructions beyond the level, and without any words, gossip or angry words that are not conducive to unity Say.When dealing with the communication between lower level colleagues, they should express their opinions in an equal identity, a consultative attitude and a tone of discussion, and solicit the views of the other party To seek the best way to solve the problem together; to convey one's own opinions to the other party in a suggestive attitude and humble language, so as to reach the goal of cooperation The purpose of the tune.In terms of personal professional skills, I made use of my spare time during my work period to obtain the adult education bank of Xuzhou radio and Television University Diploma in political management. Now I want to find an enterprise that attaches great importance to civilian work and seeks stable development. If your company needs - personal service From the management, can strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the pioneering talents, then I am full of confidence in the application, hope to have the opportunity to work with your company Long and development! Xiangxin our correct choice of each other will be able to create fruitful results!


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